Sew Far Sew Good is a space for my fellow thread creeps. Here I will share some insights into how I work, and how you can start your own stitching journey.  I’ll also provide updates on upcoming workshops that will teach you the skills that would almost guarantee a life of riches if you somehow found a time machine that could transport you back to the 16th century tapestry renaissance, or give you something artistic to do when you’re not at your day job. Either way, you’ll have a blast.

Illustration by Jay Gordon


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The Sew Far Sew Good workshops are introductory classes on making handmade embroidered pieces through a mixture of learning traditional techniques and tricks from an ‘accidental professional’. These pieces can be for display or made into patches. No matter what your skill level, the class will focus on gearing their design ideas to your ability. Whether you need to learn to thread a needle or are a professional, its a class on finding little tricks and hacks to making your own unique embroidered work.

I am firm believer in just making things, making mistakes and figuring things out along the way. To sum it up: If you’re not making mistakes you’re doing something wrong. Which means you’re making a mistake. Which means you’re fine.


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An Article

Published in Creative Workbox 2016

Written and illustrated by me.