Business Admin

We understand that the admin that comes from running your own business is often complex, confusing, and difficult to navigate. That’s why we provide a number of business admin services. This includes everything from bookkeeping and accounting, to contract negotiation and financial planning. We want to make sure you’re meeting your business goals whilst not exerting yourself over admin that will distract you from the thing you love: creating.

Account and Bookkeeping

We do bookkeeping for small businesses and freelance creatives in-house. We have also partnered with an accounting firm to process all official submissions and applications directly with SARS. Sound financial recording will help with forecasting expenses versus incomes, and allow you to budget for (and achieve) your goals.

Contract Negotiation

We have over 15 years of contract negotiation and experience. This has provided us with an advantageous perspective when discussing deals with potential clients, galleries, brands, or labels. It also really helps to have a third-party representative involved in negotiations, as it gives you some emotional distance between yourself and the potential client.


We work with you to strategise, plan, and problem-solve by using our experience and knowledge to provide you with practical business and career results. These range from designing a business model or marketing plan, planning and implementing projects, budgeting and financial advice, and even e-commerce strategy and decisions.

General Admin

We’re a helping hand for whatever task you may have. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help where we can!