Driven by a desire to see more affordable, high-quality, collectible artwork on the market, creators of Black River Studio, Wim and Jeanne Legrand, established 50ty/50ty: an online collection of limited-edition screenprints created in collaboration with local artists, illustrators, and designers. 50ty/50ty allows local creatives to handprint high-quality fine art prints on archival paper. However, they maintain exclusivity through the limited editions of prints available: no more than 50 prints are produced.

Affordability is central to 50ty/50ty and maintained by operating exclusively online. However, Wim and Jeanne ensure there is no compromise made on the quality of their prints. Wim utilizes his experience as a printmaker to work closely with each artist from initial concept through to final print, ensuring integrity of quality throughout the screen printing process and allowing high-quality, affordable artworks to be sold on 50ty/50ty’s online platform.