Amy Ayanda

Started by Amy Ayanda Lester; AA Studios comprises of many facets. Amy, after graduating in Fine Art went on to study Business, where she slowly began building her clothing label, now Lili&Frank (our sister brand).

AA Studios is influenced by the incredible South African landscape and the inherent feminine nature that she holds. We make beautiful artworks for the home and durable, handmade slow fashion items for the closet.

Our Lili&Frank clothing line includes timeless, feminine pieces for the wardrobe while our Artworks created by Amy Ayanda Lester are expressive and elusive, caught like dust on the surface, imagined and real. All of our fabrics are sourced locally by our founder Amy and her little three year old daughter, Frances, who she is currently home schooling. We have two amazing pattern makers and graders, Claudine and Catherine who help Amy’s visions become a reality, the patterns are then taken to Bev who has a team of CMTs right around the corner from where Amy lives.

Our goal is to produce high quality, detailed products for the home; from artworks to linens, to clothing for not only the mother but soon little ones too.

We pride ourselves in building this business as slow as possible, focusing on attention to detail each step of the way; nurturing notions of slow living and in turn teaching our children to live slower and to add beauty every step of the way.