Andel Olivier

Pretoria-based artist and illustrator, Andel Olivier has recently returned to South Africa as a full-time artist after spending six years living in Mauritius and Cyprus. Having received her formal education in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch with an Honours in Illustration in 2012, Andel has since then discovered her passion in doing children’s book illustrations, textiles designs, and more recently dipping her toes in the art of ceramics.


Andel found a keen interest in the study of colour theory during which she noticed how instinctively people respond to colour harmonies and discord. Using this knowledge, she realised that through clever application and control of colour, one is able to produce lively perceptual experiences within the viewer. Colour has become more than a trivial element in her works, it has rather become the essence, through the use of it to modify tones and deepen the three-dimensional space.