Beezy Bailey

Beezy Bailey has been a full-time creative for over 30 years with countless global exhibitions under his belt. His work has been defined as “defiantly unpredictable” and has been exhibited in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and England. Beezy’s art is on show at the David Bowie Art Collection, the Getty Family Collection and the Oppenheimer Art Collection.

Bailey has a history of collaboration with a number of renowned artists including David Bowie, Dave Matthews and Brian Eno. The latter referred to Bailey as someone who “makes his art out of joy and laughter (and sometimes out of terror). He is somebody to whom art comes easily and who doesn’t feel guilty about it…” 

Besides spearheading art auctions for a number of charities, Bailey continues to create from his studio in Cape Town. He works with various media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, and ceramics. Bailey is currently engaged with studies of the Anthropocene: the present epoch characterized as the time in which the collective activities of Homosapiens began to substantially alter the earth’s surface, atmosphere, oceans, and systems of ecological recycling.