Conrad Hicks

Conrad Hicks is an artist, blacksmith and toolmaker from Cape Town. He constructs a variety of metalwork sculptures, curation works, and interior design and architectural projects from his forge at the Art Deco Cinema in Observatory, which he bought and began restoring in 1998. Conrad is also behind Tool Room: an artisan kitchenware company specialising in hand-forged steel frying pans and roasting pans.

Conrad was commissioned to design the prestigious Kirstenbosch Gates in Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. He also designed the metal gates, screens, doors, and spiral staircase for Tokara Winery, and created the gates at The Cape Quarter. Conrad completed six sculptures for the 2010 World Cup Hero Walk in Cape Town. Since 2009 he has been working mostly on sculptural pieces.

His designs are influenced by the time he spends at the forge developing his own methods. He believes that his “best products come directly from a personal exploration of the materials and process.” Conrad remains true to the craft, avoiding viewing welding as valueless with no symbolic meaning. He asserts that all traditional blacksmithing jointing methods have innate metaphorical meaning. These add to the symbolic meaning of the finished form.