Frances VH

Frances van Hasselt, more well-known as Frances V.H is famous for her brand of uniquely hand-woven mohair rugs. Her story begins on her family’s farm out in the dry climate of the Karoo, a semi-desert area in South Africa. The Karoo is home to farming some of the finest mohair around and Frances V.H’s rugs are largely inspired by the textured flora, mountain ranges, and people surrounding the land. Frances van Hasselt has a deep affinity to mohair, having grown up on a family farm in the Karoo that owns one of the oldest mohair studs in the world.

The unique product, mohair, refers to the fleece of an Angora goat and is one of the most ancient, exclusive, and sustainable natural fibres found in the world. Mohair is a little bit of everything you could want in a rug, soft, durable, and has a beautiful luster that adds a rich intensity and dimension to colour. Mohair is also, of course, uniquely African and South Africa is the top mohair producing country in the world.

Frances V.H together with designer, Leandi Mulder, have created mohair rugs, knitwear, and tapestries that are true to their origin, sustainable, and also ensure the preservation of craftsmanship in rural South Africa. Every part of the production process, starting from spinning all the way to trimming the finished rug is all done by hand.

Frances V.H maintains her love of the earth in all her work from ensuring the utmost quality of the raw material, exclusive of any mechanised processing to preserve the natural texture and stains and creates bespoke, handcrafted mohair products inspired by the raw landscapes of the Karoo Plains.