Gabrielle Kruger

Gabrielle Kruger is a highly-accomplished fine artist from Cape Town, where she lives and creates. After graduating cum laude from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015, she went on to be awarded her Masters in Fine Arts from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2018.

Gabi loves pushing the boundaries of her medium, using acrylic paint to construct complex, 3-dimensional installations of plant-like forms. Her unique pieces appear as if they are climbing off of the canvas and allow the viewer to become immersed in a world that brings nature and art into contact. Through her art, she is able to challenge traditional painting and shows how mediums can be reimagined in a modern world.

One project that really shows just how she brings acrylic paint to life was a commission for the Norval Foundation in 2019. Gabi was tasked with creating “wearable paintings” for an event called Gucci Garden of Eden. These unique, plastic-like, artworks were worn by performers from the Cape Academy of Performing Arts.