Gitte Maria Möller

Gitte Maria Möller received her BA in Fine Art from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2015 and was awarded the Judy Steinberg painting prize for her graduate show. She uses a range of different mediums and painterly devices to explore the symbolic and numinous possibilities of picture-making.

Drawing from ancient mythology, religious manuscripts, and prayer paintings, to early video games and online fan art, Gitte’s work holds a complex array of signs, symbols, and archetypes in suspension. Through a solitary game of exquisite corpses, fragments of discarded and disregarded aesthetics are rehabilitated by way of exaggerated symbolism to give expression to issues concerning the soul, femininity, and fear.

In her efforts to form a union between her inner and outer reality, Gitte creates a personalized arena for devotion in her pictures. In this intricate visual space, she offers a distracted meditation on a world interpolated by empathy and apathy, freedom and vulnerability, and the struggle between g00d and 3vil.