Good Clothing

In a single word, Good Clothing designs simple, trendy clothing for women who just want to look Good. Established in 2008 by Marian Park-Ross, Good Clothing aims to and has consistently offered easy-to-wear yet flattering clothing to women of all ages. Good is founded on the notion of being aware of fashion and trends but to no extent becoming a slave to it.

The team has expanded to include Klarette and Nigel who are all equally as passionate about the re-building of local industry and preserving the jobs of South Africans as Marian is. As such, they have started a gripping campaign, #LOVEZABUYZA to support the creation and protection of jobs in SA, for which their film received a Mercedes Benz BokehInternational Fashion Award for Best Sound in 2015.

More recently, Good has partnered with Michael Chandler from Chandler House to launch a whole new wardrobe of styles – keep an eye on their social media for updates on this.