Gregg Price

Gregg Price’s journey into art began in the back of school notebooks, where dissent and creative impulse could find expression. He has often rejected formal instruction, partly through his own fears and also a mistrust in the system. Drawing, however, was his private world where he was free to explore the boundaries of imagination.

As a child, Price soaked up the bright colours of comic books, particularly Tin Tin, Asterix, and the books by Dr Seuss. The graphic images in newspapers in the early 70’s led him to an appreciation of photojournalism and the dramatic possibilities of black and white photography. Price later discovered and drew inspiration from the works of Ralph Gibson and Bill Brandt. 

Price’s simple drawing style sprang to life after a trip through Mexico. Whilst living in the USA, the high desert landscapes of New Mexico, with earthy adobe and contrasting blue sky, had a mystical quality that fed into his art. The clear light and theatrical colour encouraged Price to work with Polaroid photography. He also used oil pastels at that time, and later came across designers gouache, which supplied the vibrant colours he needed.

He was seeking a poetic, ecstatic truth that could reveal his experience, and himself.

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