Imogen Clarke

Gauteng-born, Cape Town-based artist, Imogen Clarke, has been inspired by nature’s unassuming beauty to create beautifully detailed paintings and illustrations. The delicacy of Imogen’s work emerges from the painstaking application of thousands of stippled dots of ink on paper. These are then woven into an organic whole and sometimes enhanced with gold leaf or watercolour. Beginning from a single point, this meditative process is used to build ephemeral mandalas and tessellations. Imogen also creates intricate scenes in which animals and birds interact with lush, fantastical landscapes. 

A background in healing and life-coaching, a passion for astrology and travel, and a deep fascination with Japan, have all facilitated and informed Imogen’s creative journey so far. Imogen also loves “being able to facilitate some kind of positive internal process in others”. She believes that “if [her] work adds value to someone else’s life then this brings great meaning and motivation to keep creating!”