Jean de Wet

Jean de Wet is an artist and illustrator known for his intricate, labyrinthine line-work depicting equally hypnotic worlds. These curious, wild worlds are urban meets jungle, familiar but also fantastical. They are inspired by nature, the strangeness of the universe, and a fascination with the unknown.

De Wet’s “pages” (whether paper, digital, or mural) teem with recurring subjects such as “abandoned houses, the cosmos, hybrid creatures, monsters, vague pop cultural references, swamps, mist, forests, professors, melting mountains and peasants”. This menagerie of characters and entities collide and collaborate to convey a sense of mystery, humour, and nostalgia.

De Wet cut his teeth in the world of commercial illustration, and since childhood has continued exploring a range of creative disciplines, including drawing, printmaking, and comics. To date, he has held three solo shows and contributed to numerous group exhibitions and publications, both locally and abroad.