Kristen McClarty Art

Nestled in the mountain folds and brisk sea-air of Kommetjie village, you’ll find esteemed artist and printmaker Kristen McClarty going about her day, casually creating unique and beautiful works. Kristen was one of the lucky ones to experience the freedom of having been born and raised in Zululand, now KZN. The nature of her upbringing allowed for a unique insight into and connection with her surroundings, such as knowing the name of all the birds calling, the spoors left behind by various animals, and the trees in flower. A simple life without the distractions of electronics, fast fashion, and immediate entertainment, led Kristen to learn new skills whenever the opportunity arose, and it rose countless times. This ingrained and natural ability to pave the way for herself has influenced all of her work since becoming an artist. 


Despite being a jack of all trades, today Kristen focuses her efforts on fine art limited edition prints on paper as well as producing one-off botanical prints on natural fabrics for her textile brand, Inyoni. Kristen’s art and overall brand image are fueled by the adventures the creations take her on moulded with her personal morals and values; such as the ideas between finding the unique quality in owning less and choosing waste-reduction options. Inspired by her understanding of the purpose of art, Inyoni is an authentic manifestation of Kristen’s intimate relationship with nature and her tender passion for making “real stuff” using eco-techniques such as botanical contact printing.