Kyle Jardine

Artist and illustrator, Kyle Jardine, is Cape Town born and bred with a keen interest in performance and visual art, fashion, creativity, and detail. Although having explored various mediums, Kyle’s preferred method of creation is through ink on paper.

Kyle’s art is, for the most part, architecturally inclined with the majority of his original creations being inspired by the local heritage buildings scattered throughout the mother city. From Edwardian and Victorian to Cape Dutch, Kyle never ceases to be fascinated by the structural details, shape, and design of the local architecture.

In Kyle’s own words: “The joy, for me, is in the quirks; the patterns, the unexpected shapes, the squiggly lines. There is something new that is awakened by giving these majestic buildings a comical style in the interpretation.”

Kyle’s creativity does not end there though and as much time as he spends in front of the canvas, paintbrush in hand, he can also be found backstage exploring his knack for costume design or even in the workshop creating interior-style illustrated pieces.

Kyle is a self-taught artist with a film degree and musical theatre licentiate.