Lucie de Moyencourt

Lucie de Moyencourt was born in Paris and raised in South Africa. She works as an architect, set designer, illustrator, and painter. Despite having no formal art training, Lucie began painting scenes of the Cape Town suburbs with an almost absent-minded quality. This resulted in a collection of everyday snapshots painted with many layers of black ink to give a photographic element. Lucie has now been painting the suburbs and city spaces for 4 years with intentions to publish a book. 

She exhibited the original city bowl paintings at the Voorkamer Gallery in December 2016. Since 2018, however, she has been engaged with the production and exhibition of her Shellegance collection: individually hand-crafted ceramic shells inspired by Lucie’s lifelong love of the organic, wabisabi shapes of shells with their endless textures and colours. Since then, Lucie has exhibited 6 sell-out shows and installations. Her shells (sold via her website) have travelled to all corners of the globe to adorn many beautiful homes and spaces.