Maria Magdalena

Maria Magdalena defines herself as a “small-town girl”. She is a second daughter to a minister and pre-school teacher who raised her to appreciate simplicity, art, music, and literature. Maria Magdalena is her traditional Afrikaans family name: a second daughter named after the paternal grandmother. She cherishes and shares the name with two of her cousins. For Magdalena, drawing is simply a part of who she is. It is a means to express her love to family and friends. Although she never considered turning her artwork into a career path, she retrospectively sees her journey as comically inevitable.

Magdalena started sharing her illustrations in a small church in Cape Town where her first fine art print was auctioned to raise funds. A month after launching her first collection, Magdalena was chosen as one of Africa’s Emerging Creatives at the International Design Indaba.

Her brand is an extension of her heart and hands.