Nellie van der Walt

Artist Nellie van der Walt identifies herself and her art through her autism. Nellie is known as a high-functioning autistic, meaning that she looks and acts “normal” – which she did for 30 years – but this causes great anxiety and unhappiness. Having grown up trying to fit into the “norm” of society, the anxiety this caused was disabling. As such, in 2021, Nellie decided to follow her dream and pursue art as a full-time career, allowing her to be herself and express the way that she perceives and interprets the world around her.

“There are no rules when it comes to art” – Nellie.

There are only two important factors when it comes to Nellie’s work, the experience she receives from creating and the experience she invokes from on-lookers.

“There is no right or wrong” – Nellie.

There is only experience.

Nellie was born and raised in Potchefstroom where she studied Graphic Design and Communication. From here, she started her career at a Digital Marketing Agency which introduced her to the wine industry. Since then, she’s worked with many of South Africa’s top wine brands with the focus on Digital Marketing, Brand Identity and Design. Up until today, where she has decided to pursue her lifelong dream to practice art full-time.

Nellie has participated in various group exhibitions since 2005 and looks forward to her first Solo Exhibition in 2022. Her work is currently on display at Stone Fish Gallery (Paternoster), Gerber & Co (Simondium), Yours & Mine (Paarl), Marze Botha Art Gallery (Stellenbosch).