Odd Bins

Odd Bins is a range of wines exclusive to Checkers. They assist Checkers in the process of sourcing limited quantities of famous wine brands, which are then carefully analysed by a panel of experts. The best of the selected batch are then given a unique bin number and made available to you. As Odd Bins vow to keep the original label a closely guarded secret, they can bring these amazing wines to you at a fraction of the original price. However, once the bin is sold out, the number is never repeated. The wine inside the bottle is kept a secret, but once tasted may reveal itself!

These bottles have been impressing the palates of wine drinkers all over the country and have even won a few awards, including Best Value and Michaelangelo awards. These are the perfect wines for big occasions or to keep around the house for last-minute guests, and since there are always new bins arriving, there is always something new to try.