Rosie Mudge

Rosie Mudge was born in Knysna, and currently lives and works in Cape Town creating her glittering, mystifying paintings that explore materiality, gender, and intimacy. She graduated with distinction from the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town in 2013.

Rosie is best known for her large-scale artworks that tend to incorporate generally gendered materials such as industrial car paint and tubes of glitter glue. This medium stems back to early works which were made using nail polish and makeup – materials that are traditionally associated with girlhood. Rosie subverts the feminised conception of glitter, typically regarded as superficial and kitsch, by incorporating it into imposing abstract artworks. Her laborious physical process mimics the male-dominated visual language of Minimalism. Rosie’s creativity doesn’t stop there though as she also works in sound, installation, photography, drawing, and sculpture.

Rosie showed her first solo exhibition, In my room with Mazzy Star, with SMITH gallery in Cape Town in 2018. More recently, she held her second solo exhibition, From My Balcony to Yours, also with SMITH as well as created a solo presentation titled Long Shadows with SMAC gallery, both in 2020.