Soil Prints

Soil Prints was created by sisters, Kara and Mieke Wertschnig. They have implemented their joint experience as graphic designers and illustrators to create beautifully unique prints, wall hangings, table runners, and apparel. Their inspiration stems from their childhood: “as kids, we were brought up in a home surrounded by botanical artwork on the walls, which our mom collected over years. From fish, flowers, birds & fauna to exotic tapestry wall hangings… you name it. This is definitely where our inspiration came from.” As a result, the sisters have been inspired to explore the beauty of Cape Town through their textiles and prints.

In 2014 Soil Prints opened a retail outlet in the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Here, they offer a range of Soil products including apparel items collaboratively created with Kara and Mieke’s mother, Lynette Wertschnig. is an expansion of this outlet, allowing the sisters to share their work on a global platform.