Team Lazerbeam

Team Lazerbeam is a game-punk trio that makes short, cute, surreal, personal experiences about junk food and feelings. The group was founded in 2014 when friends Jason Sutherland, Richard Pieterse and Ben Rausch joined forces to make a game for Ludlum Dare 31. The result, Bionic Bliss (a cyberpunk customer service game), struck a chord with players and laid the foundations for Team Lazerbeam’s future output. Over the following two years, the band churned out a string of very short, absurd, cutesy games that embraced being both very silly, and very sincere. Notable hits include Wrestling With Emotions, Pizza Quest, Snow Cones, and Dress To Express Dancing Success.

In their recent project, Teenage Blob, they collaborated with The Superweaks to create an unprecedented gaming/music experience, correlating 6 new games with The Superweaks’ 6 new singles.

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