Tool Room

Tool Room is an artisan kitchenware company specialising in hand-forged steel frying pans and roasting pans. Founded by visual artist and blacksmith, Conrad Hicks, Tool Room strives to bring functional, beautiful art into your home by following the philosophy of: “if you use beautiful tools, you make beautiful things.” They believe that our generation is cut off from the tools and implements that keep us alive – we don’t know how to use them. They think, therefore, that early tools give us a strong sense of security and understanding which channels into their kitchenware; there is no design, only a feeling of “this is good”.

Each frying pan and roasting pan is handmade and hand-forged in Obs, Cape Town. They are treated with beeswax to create an almost non-stick layer and require no soap for cleaning. Regardless of name, all of Tool Room’s products are ideal for stovetop cooking alongside roasting or baking at high temperatures in the oven. They are designed to distribute heat evenly for the perfect cook, every time.