Event Management

Whether it’s a local Cape Town pop-up exhibition or a full US music tour with multiple venues, we can help you. Every successful tour, event, or exhibition starts with a strong strategy, the right partners, and a team that’s done it all before. We are that team, and can help you put all of these elements in place. It’s often the scariest thing to do as a creative (being brave and putting your work out there) but we can help make it a little less scary and mitigate as much financial and emotional stress as possible. Don’t be scared to dream, we can help you get there.

Location Scouting

Finding the right venue for your show can be one of the hardest and most time-consuming elements of the production process. With extensive event management experience in South Africa and abroad, we have a large database of venues that could be used for any exhibition, show, or the like. We also know what to look out for in any rental and exhibition agreement based on our experience and what the real industry standards are.

Systems and Sales Management

This is usually the last thing that creatives think about when setting up a show. How do we actually accept money from people and what happens after that? We’ve developed a system that works anywhere in the world and ensures no double sales, no delays, and a positive buying experience for everyone involved.

Budgeting and Feasibility Report

So you want to do a show, that’s great! Now how do you know how much you can spend on setting up the show? How much is too much on marketing? What’s the net profit potential of your exhibition? We can help you answer all of these questions and help set up ways of tracking your shows expenses vs profits or potential profits so you can make informed decisions on the fly.

Shipping and Logistics

It’s often hard to consider the fact that after a show’s doors have closed that the work is not yet over. The buyers need their purchases to be shipped to wherever in the world they might be or there may be gear that needs to be sent back to where it came from. This can be a complicated process, especially when working with another country. We have enough experience in shipping and logistics to make this a breeze no matter where you are shipping from, or to. We get incredible rates on all exports from South Africa and can get competitive rates from almost any country in the world. We also understand all the required paperwork, customs requirements, as well as any tax liabilities that may occur.

Graphic Design

With a full-service, in-house design team we are able to design, print, and implement all the required marketing material needed for any show. We have extensive experience with printing and framing globally as well as over 15 years of experience in design, printing, and retouching. We are also fully equipped with the expertise to design pamphlets, catalogues, vinyl, stickers, and more – essentially any type of design or visual communication element that you, as the artist, may want or need.