What’s it cost?

The short answer is, less than you’d think. We understand what our customers need and have structured our pricing accordingly. 

We believe that each task should be billed and quoted for individually either as a flat rate, hourly rate, monthly retainer, or a project-by-project based fee. We’ll assess what needs to be done, work with your budget, and only charge you for that.

Transparency and communication are very important to us in this regard. Our main departure point on any project or relationship is that we are working together which means that we need to have trust and open lines of communication at all times.

Basic Admin - R250* per hour

Basic admin assistance includes non-skilled task management, packaging, sourcing, paperwork, sorting, on-site assistance, etc.

SKILLED ADMIN - R400* per hour

Skilled admin assistance includes most business tasks, tech support, most digital tasks, and all planning, management and production tasks.

Advanced Admin - R620* per hour

Advanced admin would be any digital coding, outsourced tasks or very specialised requests.

*All prices are ex VAT