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Our services are varied and custom designed to your wants and needs. Consider us your skilled personal assistant, ready to take on any task with a great deal of experience, ready to execute it efficiently.


From books and magnifying glasses to resin cast masks, enamel pins, high-end jewellery and custom designed apparel, whatever you need to be made, designed or supplied – we will do our best to make it happen. We work with suppliers from around the world to ensure that we get the perfect product at the perfect price point.

Whether it’s a local Cape Town pop-up exhibition or a full US music tour with multiple venues, we can help you. Every successful tour, event or exhibition starts with a strong strategy, the right partners and a team that’s done it all before. We are that team, and can help you put all of these elements in place. It’s often the scariest thing to do as a creative – being brave and putting your work out there – but we can help make it a little less scary and help mitigate as much financial and emotional stress as possible. Don’t be scared to dream, we can help you get there.

To ensure that we’re getting the correct execution according to our clients’ needs, we have developed relationships with a number of printers and framers throughout the City. If you already have a relationship with any supplier that you are happy with, we’re happy to continue that relationship. The idea here is that you get exactly what you want and need, without having to do the running around.


We do bookkeeping for small businesses and freelance creatives in-house and have partnered with an accounting firm to process all official submissions and applications directly with SARS. Sound financial recording will help with forecasting expenses versus incomes, and allow you to budget for (and achieve) the goals that you dream of.

Over 15 years of contract negotiation and experience gives us a very advantageous perspective when discussing deals with potential clients, galleries, brands or labels. It also really helps having a third party representative involved in negotiations, as it gives you some emotional distance between yourself and the potential client.

We work with you to strategise, plan, problem-solve and use our experience and knowledge to produce practical business and career results for you.

These range from designing a business model or marketing plan, planning and implement projects, budgeting and financial advice and even e-commerce decisions and strategy.


We have negotiated and streamlined a close-to-flawless international and domestic shipping strategy which saves you close to 50% on a 3 – 5 working day, door to door, express courier service for international shipments. This includes customs clearances with EUR 1, SADC and AGOA licenses. Domestic shipments are within 48 hours are also a door to door, express courier service.

We know how to package items to ensure safe transit, and where to get packaging materials at the lowest cost. We also have relationships with various suppliers who help us develop whatever packaging we need for our clients, no matter the size or fragility. 

Having an online store is one thing; running an online store is something completely different. It can take up a lot of time and add unnecessary stress to your day. Checking orders, processing orders, sending artwork for printing or framing, collecting prints or artworks, packaging, waybill creation, shipping and then after sales service with clients are all things that are time-consuming and distracting. We do these tasks for many clients, leaving them with an online store and logistics system that is streamlined and efficient to the point that they have little to no admin around online sales.

We have a storeroom for your packaging, artwork, books, products etc., so you don’t need to have those things take up space in your home or studio. This also makes it easier for us to package and ship your items as required from our offices.


Specialising in WordPress-based websites with WooCommerce enabled to process orders, we build all our e-stores in house to enable the international sales and distribution of your products. As a South African company, we are specialists in the unique issues faced by local creatives and entrepreneurs. Things like receiving international payments, shipping, currency recognition and conversion, security and logistics are all problems that we have solutions for (solutions we can build into your site).

With that said it has always been a focus to build something that empowers the owner of the site. We build using best practises which means if you no longer want to use our services, you won’t have to re-build your whole website. We are focused on building in a way that enables you to update what you need, when you need it. Meaning that if you don’t have the budget to pay for an update, you are not stuck with an ageing website that doesn’t work for you anymore.

Your longterm needs are the most important factor in our approach.

In certain circumstances, clients have very specific goals and requirements that need to be met. This is part of the reason we like WordPress, because it is a completely open-source environment and we are able to design and build any system required to achieve your goals or requirements. Our certification and experience in business analysis enable us to design the correct system for you, and work with our developers to turn that plan into a reality.  

Optimisation can mean two things: performance (speed, reliability under pressure) and searchability (SEO and Adwords). We work on both of these elements and can develop a custom strategy for you that will increase your website’s performance in both respects.

This includes digital and print cataloguing, ie. photographing/scanning and digitally cleaning artwork, resizing and correctly labelling images and artworks, optimising images for web or print, inventory management etc.

Keeping a website up-to-date, secure and functional in an ever-changing and developing environment can be difficult and time-consuming, but failing to do so could lead to your website crashing unexpectedly. We can help keep your web presence in line with all the technical compatibility standards and requirements.

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We’re a helping hand for whatever task you may have. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to help where we can. 

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