Shipping and Logistics

We understand that there are few things as complex as domestic and international shipping processes. From understanding the correct packaging for the product, processing orders, booking shipments, creating waybills, and figuring out customs charges, there’s nothing more time-consuming than shipping logistics. That’s why we’ve established a close-to-flawless process whereby we handle all the admin (including e-commerce store management, storage solutions, ordering custom protective crates, and issuing tracking numbers to name a few) so you can sit back, relax and leave the hard work to us!

Domestic & International Shipping

We have negotiated and streamlined a close-to-flawless international and domestic shipping strategy. Our process allows you to save close to 50% on a 3-5 working day, door-to-door, express courier service for international shipments depending on the service and package. Our service also includes customs clearances with access to EUR 1, SADC, and AGOA trade agreement licenses. Domestic shipments can be completed within 48 hours and are also through a door-to-door express courier service.


We know how to package items to ensure safe transit, no matter the size, material, fragility, or destination. This includes knowing where to source the correct packaging materials for the lowest cost. Our relationships with various suppliers help considerably, as they assist us in developing whatever specialised packaging we need for our clients.

E-commerce Store Management

Having an online store is one thing; running an online store is something completely different. It can take up a lot of time and add unnecessary stress to your day. Checking and processing orders, sending artwork for printing or framing, collecting prints or artworks, packaging, waybill creation, shipping, and then after-sales service with clients are all things that are time-consuming and distracting. We do these tasks for many clients, leaving them with an online store and logistics system that is streamlined and efficient to the point that they have little to no admin around online sales.


We have a storeroom for your packaging, artwork, books, products, etc., so you don’t need to have them taking up space in your home or studio. This also makes it easier for us to package and ship your items from our offices as required.

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