Whether you require a portfolio site update, an e-commerce store, or a shipping service integration, our skilled website team is able to make your online dreams a reality. We specialise in WordPress-based websites, building all sites in-house. When it comes to online sales and distribution, portfolio cataloguing, optimisation, bespoke system development, ongoing technical support, or any other website aspects you can imagine, our expertise ensures that you can get the website you’ve always wanted.

It has always been our focus to build something that empowers the owner of the site. We build using best practices which means if you no longer want to use our services, you won’t have to rebuild your whole website. We are focused on building in a way that enables you to update what you need when you need it, meaning that if you don’t have the budget to pay for an update, you are not stuck with an ageing website that doesn’t work for you anymore. Your long-term needs are the most important factor in our approach.

E-commerce Web Design

We build all of our e-stores in-house, specialising in WordPress-based websites with WooCommerce enabled to process orders. This ensures that we overcome the unique challenges faced by local, South African creatives and entrepreneurs when it comes to the international sales and distribution of your products. As a South African company too, we are specialists in these unique issues: receiving international payments, shipping, currency recognition and conversion, security, and logistics. These are all problems that we have solutions for (solutions we can build into your site). Additionally, we place emphasis on performance optimisation, making sure you never have to worry about the speed or reliability of your site when experiencing heavy traffic. 

Bespoke System Development

In certain circumstances, clients have very specific goals and requirements that need to be met. This is part of the reason we like WordPress because it is a completely open-source environment and we are able to design and build any system required to achieve your goals or requirements. Our certification and experience in business analysis enable us to design the correct system for you and work with our developers to turn that plan into a reality.


This includes digital and print cataloguing, such as: photographing/scanning and digitally cleaning artwork, resizing and correctly labelling images and artworks, optimising images for web or print, and inventory management.

Technical Support

Keeping a website up-to-date, secure, and functional in an ever-changing and developing environment can be difficult and time-consuming. However, failing to do so could lead to your website crashing unexpectedly. We can help keep your web presence in line with all technical compatibility standards and requirements.

Gitte Maria Moller – Webstore & Management

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Chandler House – Webstore & Management

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Simon and Mary – Webstore & Management

Pa$$ion – Webstore & Management

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ÙMÛ ÕRÅ – Webstore

Spring Studio – Webstore

Lili Rosey – Webstore & Management

Ros Koch – Webstore & Management

50ty/50ty – Webstore & Shipping

Andel Olivier – Portfolio Website

Kirsten Sims – Website & Webstore

Lené Ehlers – Portfolio Website

Studio Harris – Portfolio Website

Lucie de Moyencourt – Webstore & Management

Art By Kamba – Webstore & Management

Chloë Wallace Jewellery – Webstore & Management

Duck Duck Goose – Webstore & Integration

Tool Room – Webstore & Management

Dream Press – Webstore Design

Buhle Ngaba – Webstore & Management

Elzahn Nel – Webstore & Management

Imogen Clarke – Webstore & Management

Sam Beckbessinger – Webstore & Management

Missibaba – Webstore & Management

Conrad Hicks – Portfolio Website

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